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Now that you started collecting your coupons, where do you put them? There are many ways to store your coupons but the trick is to have them at hand when you need them. When you don’t organize them or set up a system, you tend to forget to use them. When they are not organized you can miss deals because you can’t find the coupon you need. This happened to me a few times when I started couponing months ago. It took me a while before I found a system that worked for me.

The first thing I started with was with an envelope and I placed all the coupons inside in no particular order. This method was okay at first, but as I started to grow my coupon “stash” the envelope method was not good for me. I kept losing coupons, as they fell out at times, and I missed out on deals because I couldn’t find the coupon I needed. The envelope also began to wear down fairly quickly due to constant handling even though it was a heavy-duty expandable file envelope. This method didn’t work for me and I was on to the next one hoping that I would have a better go at it the next time.

Another method is using a box. Depending on your filing method it a time saver.  You can use any box and place dividers inside. You can file alphabetically, by date insert was issued or by brand/product name. I have personally never used this method.

The coupon binder is by far my favorite but it is exhausting clipping all the coupons, and I mean ALL. I have all my coupons clipped and filed in my own “alphabetical” order. An outsider would probably not understand my method but I did it in a way that made me feel comfortable and allowed me to find a coupon in a matter of seconds. I am able to take advantage of unadvertised deals because I carry ALL my coupons with me everywhere I go. My binder is precious cargo and it’s always by my side. If I stumble across an awesome deal that I just can’t let go by I’m always ready.

Regardless of the method you use it be comfortable to you. Don’t follow what others have done, just because it worked for them does not mean it will also work for you. You can take one method or a combination of methods and adjust it to you comfort. I devised my method of sorting and filing after  different attempts until I came up with one that made me feel comfortable. Make sure you take everything into consideration to make your shopping trip enjoyable. After a couple of weeks you will fall into your own groove and coupon like a pro in no time.

How do you organize your coupons? Share your thoughts and pictures of your method.


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