Well its Monday again, and for many its back to work. It was a rough weekend here in the East Coast with Hurricane Irene slamming us hard. The city is slowly coming back to life and even though many of us did not get deliveries of our newspapers it was a good week, as I got many freebies in my mailbox and a high value coupon too as you can see in the picture.

Requesting free samples is an awesome way to cut down on your grocery budget. You probably think that a small sample is nothing but its actually the opposite. These small samples add up over time, eventually eliminating the need to purchase a certain items. These samples are also great to keep in store for when you travel. Next time you see a free item being offered, take the time out to request your sample, you might be surprised with a full size sample, a high value coupon or maybe both.

What goodies were in your mailbox last week? If possible, please post pics….


BxChe@psk@t3 😀

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