Last week I wrote about the benefits of having a stockpile. The benefits were not only in weekly savings when I shopped, but I was also fully stocked and ready for Hurricane Irene. In order to get the benefits of huge savings at the checkout, you must know when an item is at its rock bottom price. To know what the rock bottom price is at your stores, you have to compile a price book. I compiled more than one because each store has different prices and they tend to have different items on sale at different times. You do not have to be as detailed when starting off, its best to work with two (2) grocery stores and (2) pharmacies until you get the hang of it.

A price book takes several weeks to assemble, buts its benefits are invaluable. The book contains a chart of the weekly sales prices for your stores. Every week you go shopping, take your notebook with you and jot down the price of an item you buy frequently. Over time, you will see a pattern developing, showing when the item is at its lowest price. Knowing when an item is going to go on sale helps you prepare to stock up. Knowing sales cycles, clearance sales, special promotions, and combining them with coupons will help you score loads of groceries for little out of pocket, if any at all.

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