This week was a slow one with the samples but I got loads of high value coupons. The Bounce Dryer Bar coupons are high value, (1) $2.50/1 and (2) $1.50/1, were from Vocalpoint, as was the Mott’s Juice sample (my girls attacked the juice before I could get to it), which included (3) coupons. I get so giddy when the mailman comes as you never know what you are going to get. Every day is a surprise that I anxiously await.

This week as a back-to-school project, my girls are decorating a box designated as “Mailbox Monday Central”. My girls love participating and learning hot to coupon, and this way they have something to look forward too every week. They want to see how fast they can fill up the box. I will post pictures of the finished product once they are done.

How did you do this week with your mailbox goodies? Do your kids participate or do you have a special place for your goodies? Post your responses and pics below…..

Talk to you later…… 😎

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