Hey you guys….its that time again….Nook Book Fridays….today’s free selection is by Ana Gobersen, titled “Bright Young Things.

Lust, jealousy, glamour, ambition, heartbreak: In New York City, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Godbersen’s rich, evocative writing brings flapper-era Gotham to life through the eyes of two small-town girls trying to make their way in the Big Apple. This fun romp follows the young women as they celebrate in speakeasies, strive for stardom, and side-step an occasional scandal. The plucky protagonists would be at home in today’s New York social scene, but the 1920s-period detail makes for a unique and nostalgic adventure.

Hurry and download this free book as it will only be available today.

Talk to you later…… 😎

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