$49 for 24 Grass-Fed Steakburger Patties with Shipping from La Cense Beef ($99.96 Value)

Chilled cuts of beef delivered to one’s door can satisfy in-home hunger pangs or properly treat black eyes incurred while wrestling the meat package from the mailman. Stock your edible first-aid kit with this Groupon.

$49 for 24 Grass-Fed Steakburger Patties with Shipping ($99.96 Value)

Each 5.3-oz steakburger patty contains a grass-fed blend of sirloin steak, round roast, chuck roast, and flank steak. Deliveries arrive in an insulated container with dry ice to keep the burgers chilled. Depending on your location, shipments may take between two and 12 days to arrive.

La Cense Beef

In 2009, the Wall Street Journal took an investigative foray into the world of grass-fed cattle ranching. Journalists purchased steaks from five U.S. producers and fired them at a backyard barbecue outside of Phoenix. They then proceeded to rate each cut, unanimously concluding that the New York strip steak from La Cense Beef was superior to its competitors and even “comparable to a strip at an elite steakhouse.”

The ranchers at La Cense Beef were hardly surprised by this conclusion. On 88,000 acres in western Montana, they raise healthy cows by following methods that have been practiced on the ranch for decades. Through sustainable practices, the team has been able to avoid the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. They hand-cut, vacuum-seal, and immediately freeze each steak before shipping to ensure the beef’s natural flavor remains intact.

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