$34 for Redfoot Folding Wellington Boots in Black Patent ($99 List Price). Six Sizes Available.

Crafted from highly flexible, shiny rubber, the folding rain boots fit neatly in a compact, waterproof pouch. Lightweight, classically styled wellingtons unfurl like a contortionist emerging from a glove compartment to shield lower limbs from the elements at a moment’s notice. A fasten toggle keeps these all-season boots bundled while stowed in a purse or in the neck cask of a saint bernard.

  • Crafted from lightweight, waterproof rubber
  • Designed to wear year-round, like a court-mandated ankle bracelet
  • Fleece lining keeps feet warm without requiring socks
  • Fasten toggle detailing
  • Compact, waterproof pouch
  • Boots and bag are both machine washable

The Deal

  • $34 for Redfoot folding wellington boots in black patent ($99 list price)
  • Available sizes: women’s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10
  • An additional $5 shipping fee will be charged at checkout for each option.

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