Subscription to Your Choice of Eight Healthy-Living Magazines (Up to 52% Off)

The Founding Fathers valued journalism, which is why the First Amendment protects freedom of the press instead of granting Benjamin Franklin two extra birthdays. Read all about it with this Groupon.

Choose from Eight Options

All subscriptions are six issues unless otherwise noted.

  • $6 for a one-year subscription to Kiwi Magazine (a $11.95 value)
  • $7 for a two-year subscription (20 issues) to Fitness (an $11.98 value)
  • $10 for a one-year subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine (a $14.95 value)
  • $10 for a one-year subscription (9 issues) to Yoga Journal (a $16.95 value)
  • $12 for a one-year subscription (7 issues) to Organic Spa Magazine (a $24.95 value)
  • $12 for a one-year subscription (8 issues) to Clean Eating (a $24.97
  • $13 for a one-year subscription to Natural Child World (a $26.99 value)
  • $17 for a one-year subscription to Gluten-Free Living (a $34 value)

Healthy-Living Magazines

Healthy-Living Magazines distribute magazines that inspire readers to live healthier, more environmentally conscientious lives.

Weight Watchers Magazine
Each issue includes weight-loss advice along with healthy recipes for favorite such as crispy fish ‘n’ chips or new ideas such as cocoa-pineapple sticks. The magazine also includes inspiring success stories from other Weight Watchers participants.

Kiwi Magazine
Kiwi gives green and organic-living tips for families such as 20-minute dinners and healthy school lunches. It also includes parenting advice to help keep kids occupied during rainy days or help with studying time.

Organic Spa Magazine
Issues give readers a heads-up about eco-friendly and organic spa products, skincare tips, and green home decor. Exotic travel recommendations also coax clients toward retreats and ocean-side inns.

Natural Child World
This combination parenting-and-design magazine educates readers on how to make home decor, fashion, and healthcare choices with an eye toward sustainability. A portion of the magazine’s profits goes to support international nonprofits that help children in need.

Gluten-Free Living
Founded by a journalist with celiac disease, the magazine offers recipes, advice on how to avoid gluten in everyday items such as beauty supplies, and support for gluten-free lifestyles.

Clean Eating
This magazine provides insightful information about nutritional benefits that can be obtained from food you eat. Each issue contains features such as dietitian Q&As, culinary lessons, supermarket guides, and recipes.

Intended to aid women to accept fitness as a lifestyle, and not a fad, this magazine offers recommendations through workouts, diet plans, and success stories.

Yoga Journal
Covering yoga’s growing base of practicers since 1975, the magazine offers informative articles and instructions to practice yoga at home.

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