Should I Shop on Black Friday?

photo8 300x270 Should I Shop on Black Friday?Every year I make plans to shop on Black Friday and only once have I ever gone out to shop. I would mainly not shop because I never had the day off from work. I would sit at my desk and read on every ones awesome bargain finds while I worked the hours away. Now, it has been three (3) years since I became a stay at home mom and I have only gone Black Friday shopping once and that was because the baby needed diapers.

Even though I have been saving money for this “Olympic” event, I’m still debating whether to go out shopping to the stores or should I shop online. I am drawing up my Christmas shopping list and having it handy in case I come across a good deal. My daughters have asked for a few big ticket items but they are educational so “Santa” cannot deny them this.

Have you started your Christmas shopping or are you waiting for Black Friday to start?

 Should I Shop on Black Friday?

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