How To Get Started on a Gift Closet

Christmas gifts.

Have you ever been invited to a party at the last minute and you had no gift at hand? This had happened to me many times but I didn’t have a problem running out and getting a gift as I had no responsibilities at the time. Now that I have two (2) girls and being their sole provider, I had to learn how to budget my money. Last minute gifts are too expensive but I needed something to help me out for these little surprises. That’s when I decided to make a gift closet.

A gift closet is exactly what it implies, a closet for gifts. The gift closet has many uses and can get you out of a jam. I started building my closet slowly with items I found on clearance or got free with coupons. It doesn’t actually have to be a closet, you can use a chest, trunk, shelf or a drawer. Basically, anything that can keep all your gift giving items in one place. I keep all my wrapping paper with the gifts so everything can be at hand when I need it. Every time I see cheap or FREE wrapping, regardless of the occasion, I buy it because I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much wrapping paper.

Building my gift closet and maintaining it fully stocked takes time and patience. I only buy gifts if they are on sale or on clearance and if I have a coupon for the item. Most of the gifts in my stash were less than $5.00 and their have been times where all my Christmas gifts came out if my gift closet. I had to spend nothing out of pocket which is awesome when everyone else is spending an exorbitant amount of money during the holiday shopping season. I have never shopped on Black Friday (intentionally) and have participated very little during Cyber Monday. Maybe this year I will find items that are price worthy for me to shop on Black Friday, but in the mean time I will rely on my trusty gift closet.

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