Silent Hill: Downpour as low as $13.33 (77% off!!!)

Experience the spine-tingling chills and psychological terror while exploring the sleepy town of Silent Hill as Murphy Pendleton. Uncover the deep and dark storyline of the latest Silent Hill thriller. Immerse yourself in the desolate town of Silent Hill with intense visuals powered by Unreal 3 technology that bring the town, characters, creatures and alternate hell to life. Unlock new game areas, special items and bonus content by venturing into all-new side quests. Explore the ever-changing game world that features day and night Normal world and Otherworld world that are manifested and sourced from character actions throughout the game. Get closer to the action with 3D technology for the first time ever. Lose yourself in the desolate and terrifying town with renowned story and music talent, including Silent Hill comic writer, Tom Waltz, original music directed and composed by Dan Licht and the theme song performed by hard-rock group, Korn.

Silent Hill: Downpour for XBox360
List Price: $59.99
Price: $13.99
You Save: $46.00 (77%)

Silent Hill: Downpour for PS3
List Price: $49.99
Price: $21.19
You Save: $28.80 (58%)

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