Cuba to Florida….She’s Doing Nothing Special

photo(2)I keep hearing all this talk about Diana Nyad being the first to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. Really???? The first??? Excuse me but Cubans have done this for years since Fidel Castro took over. All this brouhaha over some woman swimming it is nonsense. Their has been a law in place “pies mojado pies seco” (wet feet dry feet), in that if you make it to dry land, you will be given refuge and not deported. This woman is doing nothing special t all because she has people with her, watching her every move and making sure she is safe. She is swimming across during the daytime too, making it even easier for her. Cubans head out at night, preferably during a full moon for better visibility, and its every man for themselves. I have a friend who did this swim years ago, in the 90s, and out of 30 guys only 3 made it. Some drowned others died from exhaustion and lack of food. Food is scarce in Cuba so swimming on an empty stomach makes it even harder to do.

photo(1)I think it’s disgusting how this woman is being glorified for doing something, just for the glory and attention, when many others have done the same just so they can get food for their families to survive. I rather hear the story of how Don Pancho and Jose made it across to feed their family at home, or the self-made millionaire who came to this country wanting the American dream. Many of these Cuban refugees have criminal records, but if you dig deeper, many were stealing food to feed their families. I think dealing with the human rights violations that occur on a daily basis, in our own backyard, need to remedied  instead of going half way around the world to fight a battle we have nothing to do with.

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