40 Kids’ Books for $1 Each and FREE Classics

silly tillyI’m always looking for great new book finds for my girls to read, they are like me and have a great affinity for reading. If you have a Kindle, here is a list of kids’ books you can purchase for $1.00 each. There are books for kids of all ages, and with the new common core standards being adopted across the nation in our educational systems, reading is going to be greatly enforced and encouraged, so why not save some money at it, while your kids learn and expand their minds. Here is the list of books available:

Ages 1-5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-12

For the older students, there are lots of FREE classics you can download. If you have high school and or college students, you will be reading these books sooner or later. Make sure you get them down before the price on them changes. CLICK HERE to check out the selections available for FREE.


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