big not betterSeeking a credit consultant can be the difference between being a slave to your credit and having credit work for you. 79% of all credit reports contain some type of error, and these errors can cause you to be denied for credit, employment, housing and insurance. You are judged by what is in your credit report and the credit bureaus and companies are under no obligation to correct these errors, unless you request them to. The Fair Credit Reporting Act provides you with the right to have these errors corrected, and our credit consulting and repair programs can help you achieve credit worthiness.

What a credit consultant can provide for you:

  • Analysis of credit report and present credit obligations.
  • Setting up an action plan to clear up negative information in all your credit reports.
  • Adding good credit information to your credit reports and building credit history
  • Training in good credit practices to achieve a good credit habits in order for financial goals to be achieved (i.e. new car, new home, dream vacation, dream wedding, etc.)
  • Provide training in different areas your credit can be affected:
    • Marriage and credit.
    • Divorce and credit.
    • Children and credit.
    • Establishing a credit file

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