If you are new to couponing, you might not be aware of when items are at their rock bottom prices. It takes time to develop a working knowledge of when to stock up on an item. Last we spoke about price books and their benefits. Now we are going to use those prices to analyze what the lowest price was for an item over time. Every store differs a little, so it is best you perform your own analysis after a couple of weeks of price entries into your price book. Here is an average from all the stores I shop at, but this does not mean that I have not seen the price go lower.


Bread  Free – $1.50
Brownie/Cake Mix/Flour Free – $0.75
Butter (1lb) $2.00
Vegetables (Can) $0.25 – $0.50
Soups (Can) $0.50
Cereal $0.75
Granola/Cereal Bars $1.00
Cheese (1lb) $2.50
Cheese (Shredded) $1.00
Chocolate Chips $1.00
Coffee $2.50
Cornstarch $1.00
Corn Syrup $1.00
Cookies/Crackers $1.25
Eggs (Dz) $0.99
Frozen Pizza $2.00
Ice Cream (1/2 Gal) $1.25
Jelly $1.00
Juice (64oz.) $0.75
Mac & Cheese $0.50
Oatmeal $0.99
Oil (1 gal) $1.50
Olive Oil (1 Gal) $6.50
Pastas Free – $0.75
Pasta Sauce $0.50
Peanut Butter $0.75
Soda (2Liter) $0.69
Soda (12/Pack) $1.25
Sugar (5lbs) $2.00
Yogurt (Single) $0.25


Ground Beef (1lb) $1.59
Boneless  Chicken Breast $1.50
Whole Chicken (1lb) $0.59
Chicken Quarters $0.79
Thighs/Drumsticks $0.59
Turkey $0.89
Pork Chops (Boneless) $1.89
Bacon $.099
Cod Fish $1.59
Salmon $1.49
Shrimp (Raw 1lb) $1.99
Tilapia $0.59


Toothpaste Free
Floss Free
Mouthwash $0.50
Shampoo/Conditioner Free – $0.99
Shaving Cream $0.50
Razors Free
Body Wash Free – $0.99
Body Lotion Free – $0.99
Toothbrush Free
Face Wash Free – $0.99
Deodorant Free
Makeup Free – $1.49
Contact Lens Solution $2.50


Shampoo/Conditioner Free – $0.99
Diapers (Jumbo Pack) $2.50
Baby Wipes $1.00
Diaper Rash Cream $2.00
Baby Formula (25oz) $12.99


Laundry Detergent $0.99
Fabric Softner $0.99
Dryer Sheets $0.25
Toilet Paper (per roll) $0.10
Dishwashing Soap Free – $0.39
Sandwich Bags (50 ct) $0.75
Garbage Bags (10 ct) $0.99
Bleach (1 gal) $0.79
Cleaning Solutions $0.99
Paper Towels (per roll) $0.25


Markers (10/Pack) $1.00
Colored Pencils (12/Pack) $1.00
Scissors (Full Size) $1.00
Binder $1.00
Stapler $2.00
Paper (ream) $0.50
Correction Liquid $0.50
Permanent Markers (2/Pack) $0.50
Highlighters (2/Pack) $0.50
Child Scissors $0.25
Pencil Pouch $0.25
Filler Paper $0.25
Note Pad (Post its) $0.50
Tape Free
Composition Notebooks $0.10
Pens/Pencils $0.25
Crayons (24/Pack) $0.25
Pencil Sharpener $0.10
Compass $0.50
Index Cards $0.25
Paper Clips $0.25
Rubber Bands $0.25
Spiral Notebooks $0.25
Glue $0.10
Rulers $0.05
2-Pocket Folders $0.10
Pencil Cap Erasers $0.10

In no way am I finished with my list, this just what I have compiled so far. This is the average between all the stores I shop at. I have paid less than I stated in many instances, but I wanted to list the maximum price I would pay at any given time. These prices are achieved by combining clearance sales, sales cycles and coupons; when all used correctly you can cut your shopping budget in half.

Use this only as a guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Talk to you later…… 😎

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