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FREE Wedding Gowns for Military

Although I am not a military wife, I am a military sister if the term exists. I a for any deals that benefit the members of the armed forces and their families, since they put so much on the line for little if anything in return. There have been lots of freebies for the military lately but this one is my favorite by far. Starting next month, on November 7, wedding gowns will be given for free to those who qualify, courtesy of Brides Across America.

How To Qualify:

  • You must be engaged, or had a civil ceremony and planning a wedding within the next 18 months.
  • You or your fiance were deployed within the past 5 years to Iraq, Afghanistan, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya and Japan and have not had a formal wedding.
  • You or your Fiance will be deploying to Afghanistan, Iraq, Qatar, Libya, Bahrain and Japan.
  • All military brides must bring drivers license or military ID.
  • Qualifying proof must accompany the bride on day of event: Copy of deployment papers for you or your Fiance that states the time of deployment and location.

Make sure to check when they will be in a city near you.

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