Same Houses, Same TV Provider

Same houses, same TV provider

Author: Elias Massey

It definitely seems like everyone in our neighborhood has directv at their house. It is sort of funny really. Every single house looks nearly the same, if not identical. There is just something small that is different with each. Our house is different from our neighbors because of the number of windows and the color of the shutters around them. Our friends that visit will get lost every now and again until they figure out the exact way to get to our house. Not only do all the houses look pretty much the same, but also they all have Direct TV. Some of our friends have joked that it is a subdivision cult. It is sort of silly really, but I have to say I am extremely happy with both our neighborhood and our TV service provider! We always said when we moved here that it would not be a permanent thing. We want to move out a bit into the country when we finally decide to have kids. That will not be for a while! I think once we do actually move, we will end up sticking with our TV provider. Seems silly to drop something that is working!


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