Creating Disney Memories @ Times Square

This past Saturday the girls and I had the honor of being invited to a Disney Store Event at Times Square. You can imagine my excitement at the invitation since I have only been blogging for about four (4) months now. It was very difficult to keep it a secret, especially from my girls. I woke them up real early on Saturday morning and they were not happy about this. We began our adventure taking the train to Times Square. This alone was exciting for the girls since I drive everywhere and never use mass transit. When we emerged from the subway, Kailey and Natalia immediately opened their eyes in awe. They have been to Times Square before but it is not the same thing when you walk down the street. As we approached the Disney Store, Kailey immediately forgot it was cold and switched on to Princess mode.

Since we arrived a little late, I don’t do mass transit and thought I had left with more than enough time, we missed the store opening by one of the kids also participating in the event. 😳 First order of business was a private tour of the Disney Store. It was amazing! The ever-changing holographic images on displays and walls were unique and gave me a feeling of traveling back in time as the images included ones I had seen as a kid. I was very happy to see their was a Make-A-Wish Mickey and Minnie Plush Dolls, where a portion of the proceeds is  donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Being able to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation was great since I have a close friend who is at Disney World this week with her kids courtesy of the Foundation.

We then moved to the second floor, and this is where the girls went bananas. The pixie dust path led us to the entrance of a castle, and here you find everything “princess”. The princess costumes were adorable, but of course my girls exaggerate. They actually asked me to buy (3) costumes each for next Halloween. Kailey had the audacity to say she needed (3) wardrobe changes! Really….where does she get from? She’s such a diva and always thinking about way to call attention to herself, so as soon as they mentioned that you can have your birthday celebration at the store she began to make plans for her birthday party and who she would invite.

After we were very warm indoors, we headed outside to the middle of Times Square to create our Disney Memories. The girls were excited to see that Cinderella was on one of the TV screens. They girls waved and loved to see that Cinderella was interacting and waving back at them. The look on their little faces was incredible and their excitement did not die down as they were now “movie stars”.

By this time, we were hungry and thanks to Disney we had a scrumptious brunch at the Blue Fin Restaurant. At the brunch, I had the honor to meet some great Latina women who were bloggers and successful at what they do. I learned a lot just from listening to the conversations at the table and it was so great to meet and talk to people in my age group. Most of the time, I only interact in social media, so being able to hold a real conversation was great and I think it was what I needed to resolve some personal demons. Ever since the brunch and tour, I have found a new sense of inspiration and energy to get things done. Hopefully, this is the first of new things to come for the  girls and me and the new connections made can help me find my path in this crazy world.

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