WOW……Outstanding Solo Performance

forgve fatherAsĀ  I was looking for things to read online, I came across a small announcement about Latino actors receiving recognition for their artistic work. I began reading the list, I was shocked by one name. Jose Roldan Jr. Imagine my surprise to see that my prom king is getting an award for his outstanding solo performance in Father Forgive Me For I have Sinned from the Hispanic Organization of Latino Actors. I have yet to see his show because I still have no roof on my house since the hurricane and I want to fix my house, but it makes me proud to know my fellow high school classmates are making it big in their careers. Of course the biggest act to come out of our high school has been Aventura (so nasty…lol), but Jose is making a huge name for himself and I cant’ wait for his new projects soon to come.

jrjIf you would like to catch his performance, there is one scheduled for November at Lehman College in the Bronx. With this new award, tickets are bound to sell out quickly, so make sure you make your reservations today before it’s too late.


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