Free NeilMed NasaFlo® Neti Pot


The cold winter months are arriving, and cold and flu season has already begun. I’ve heard lots of stories on how good a neti pot is when it comes to dealing with sinus issues. NeilMed is having a great offer for new fans of their Facebook page. For a limited time only, new fans can receive a FREE neti pot with two sample packs to get started and prepared for the winter months to come. First, LIKE the NeilMed Facebook page. Then, follow the steps below to receive your Free NeilMed NasaFlo┬« Neti Pot with two packets.

  • Complete the product training application & view the instruction video till the end
  • Complete the questionnaire followed by the video. Score a minimum 18 out of 20

*Existing fans who have already requested are eligible to get it for free by just paying for shipping & handling $4.99.

CLICK HERE to get started


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Hyland’s Cough Syrup Review

A couple of weeks ago, I received a coupon for a new Hyland’s product, cough syrup for kids. I was excited about this because I’ve been using Hyland’s Teething Tablets for over 7 years now and I loved them. Hyland’s has 100% natural products and since I was raised in the mountains of Puerto Rico, I’m always on the lookout for products similar to the home made remedies I was so accustomed to.

My grandfather claimed to be direct descendant of the Taino Indians and was always teaching us ways to use nature for our health. Honey was always prevalent in any home remedy that was prepared to combat our colds and flus. Being a single mother, it’s hard to whip up the remedies I need for my kids and sometimes I can’t find the ingredients necessary for the recipes. Hyland’s new cough and cold medication line meets my needs. These products are all natural and even smell like pure honey. My girls loved the medicine so much, they actually asked me to make them peanut butter and honey sandwiches made from the medicine!!!

When any store bought medication tastes and smells so good that the kids want it for lunch, it scores high on my mom approved products list. It’s sometimes difficult to get the girls to drink medication since they are rarely sick, but they were lining up for more Hyland’s Cough Syrup. I would definitely purchase this again for my girls, even though it was difficult to find at first. The price is more than most conventional medications out their, but for some reason natural products are always more expensive.