$19 for a Set of Three Hardcover 100 Greatest Books ($56.85 Value)

Igloo Book’s hardcover 100 Greatest series recounts human history’s greatest moments and places in vibrant books. Vivid photography and text fill the pages of 100 Greatest Events, which documents scientific discoveries, timeless human endeavors, and births of Big Birds. 100 Greatest Inventions takes page sifters along an expedition from the wheel to the satellite, and 100 Greatest Wonders showcases jaw-dropping spaces from Yellowstone National Park to the temples of Angkor Wat.


  • Three 9.5″x9.5″ hardcover books
  • Filled with vivid photography and detailed explanatory text
  • Designed for ages 12 and older or aliens cramming for earth citizenship test
  • Makes great coffee table collection

What You Get

  • For $19, you get a set of three 100 Greatest hardcover books (a $56.85 value). Each set includes the following books:
    • 100 Greatest Events That Changed the World
    • 100 Greatest Inventions That Changed the World
    • 100 Greatest Wonder of the World: The Most Incredible Places on Earth
  • An additional $5 shipping fee will be charged at checkout.

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