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Word Flips with Real words and pictures is a must for children with limited speech, unintelligible speech, and/or childhood apraxia of speech! Teach functional vocabulary words, such as greetings and requests (for example, “hi,””go,” and “bye,”) while practicing up to three repetitions of sound sequences. Word FLIPS includes three sections of identical picture words with four tabs in each section that divide the words according to articulatory placement: Bilabial, Alveolar, Velar, and Palatal. Begin teaching severely unintelligible children by having them repeat identical earlier developing sounds, such as “boo-boo-boo.” Older or more verbal children can practice a variety of sequences, such as “tie-tea-shoe” as a warm-up to practicing sentences.

word flips

My 4-year-old loves to learn and he’s at the perfect age to start bettering his speech especially since he’ll start kindergarten next year. I want him to go with a head start and Word Flips is the perfect way to start! I found that he’ll pick up the Word Flips on his own and flip through the cards. It’s great to see him want to learn. Word Flips is also great for breaks or after school learning to keep their mind active! I really love using Word Flips with my kids.

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The Word Flips had a convenient built-in stand to make it easier for your child to learn. I found he’s not complaining as much because it’s at eye level vs. laying down on a table where his neck can get sore faster.

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We are offering one lucky reader to win a $50 gift card to use at the Super Duper Publications website! You’ve got nothing to lose!

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Vocabulary Chit Chat Game Giveaway

Here is a great giveaway if you are interested in keeping your kids educationally busy this summer while they play.

Summer is here and this is a crucial time to keep your child’s mind at work. I’m not saying to not let your child have fun this summer, but there are ways to keep your child’s mind at work while having fun at home. My kids have two months of no school and they can and will lose valuable information that they learned during the school year. Super Duper Publications always has something awesome! They have a game called Vocabulary Chipper Chat that’s a learning game but the fun part about it is that the kids don’t even know they’re learning! Vocabulary Chipper Chat is a fun and motivating magnetic chip game designed to help children understand and use new vocabulary and language skills aligned with national core curriculum objectives for grades K–5.

Vocabulary Chipper Chat

Vocabulary Chipper Chat includes 12 colorful game board designs. With five copies of each—for 60 total boards—SLPs and teachers can teach the same category with up to five students at a time. There are 360 vocabulary cards with specific prompts and activities, 30 each for 12 different vocabulary skills. Use these motivating game boards and skill prompt cards to address this wide variety of vocabulary and language skills in the classroom with a large or small group, in one-on-one therapy sessions, or at home.

Vocabulary Chipper Chat 1

Each set of themed game boards represents one of the categories in Vocabulary Chipper Chat. The game boards present countless opportunities for your students to practice the vocabulary and language skills. Use the vocabulary prompt cards without the game boards and have students create new sentence prompts, analogies, or categories, etc. for endless extension activities.
There are 12 vocabulary categories


My kids really loved this game at I loved that it made them think. Caden my youngest is 4 and even though the recommended age is 5 & up he still was able to play. Why not give him a head start, right? I actually think he like the clean up part the best because this game comes wit ha really cool magnetic want that pick up all the tokens!
Here is a video of showing you how the game works
This is a great game all parents should have & play with their children or even a great gift for your child’s teacher! You can do either or by entering to win one of 6 learning games below!
*note- the last two are (Ios Apps)
Ring Bling, Just for laughs, Vocabulary Chipper Chat, Which ones doesn’t belong? WH Question Cards App (ios), Super Duper Story Maker App ( Ios)
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Magazine Deal of the Day: Thomas & Friends Magazine $14.99/year


Today’s deal is for Thomas & Friends Magazine. Thomas & Friends Magazine brings to life the magical world of Thomas & Friends for early learners. Each issue is filled with charming stories, a collectible poster, and a workbook filled with fun, educational activities designed to put children on the right track to improving early learning skills while having fun with their beloved friends from the Island of Sodor. Published 6 times a year, this magazine is perfect for your “Little Conductor” aged 3 to 8.

Thomas & Friends Magazine $14.99/year! Use Promo Code: 9824

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Learning Link Software Giveaway

I am a very involved parent when it comes to education and any program that involves helping students, especially those with issues learning. Not every student learns at the same speed and large class sizes prevent teachers from dedicating the time every child needs when it comes to learning. I hve friends with autistic children that are always looking for activities and ideas to enable their kids to learn at home while they are away from school. This program is great and I hope you guys can benefit from it or maybe you know someone who will. Make sure you spread the word about this program, which I know you will after reading Jenn’s review.

This Giveaway; is Hosted by Jenn, Mom of Two Munchkins.

Click here for the full review 

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I have more giveaway running right now…check them out below:

Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins was provided with a free sample of this product to review, and was under no obligation to review it.  Nor was Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.  Jenn, Mom Of Two Munchkins and BxChe@psk@t3 are not responsible for shipping of prize. Learning Link Technologies has the sole responsibility for shipping of prize.  Prize value is approximately $600.


Energy Star has 2 activity books for kids, one in English and one in Spanish, for free. CLICK HERE and download your free copies today. Unlimited downloads, but it has no expiration date. It is unknown how long they will be available so hurry on over and get your copies today.
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