Filming Around Town 4-14-2016

It’s a beautiful spring Thursday in New York City, here are a few locations you can find filming around town today.

Feel free to comment below if you find another set/location around town. Have a good day.

HEY NYC…Where are my SVU Fans????

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Meet the stars of Law & Order: SVU!!!!! They are filming in the Bronx tomorrow, Friday, September 23. They will be at various locations through out the borough but here is the list of tomorrow’s taping locations:

Park Drive and Orchard Beach (Near City Island)

2350 Palmer Avenue (Co-op City)

4141 Boston Road (Crazy Horse Strip Club)

We have to make the best of it, since Stabler is gone 😥

Talk to you later…… 😎

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