Meet The Authors of The Magic School Bus!

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Magic School Bus, Ms. Frizzle and her unpredictable adventures! Meet author Joanna Cole and illustrator Bruce Degen, pose with Ms. Frizzle, perform a Frizz-approved science experiment and play the new Nintendo DS game! Wahoo! Best for kids ages 3-10.

Saturday October 22, 2011

557 Broadway
New York, New York
Pricing & Ticket Info: Free
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***HOT***Guitar Hero on Tour Decades Bundle for Nintendo DS only $3.20 Shipped***

Guitar Hero on Tour Decades Bundle for Nintendo DS only $3.20 shipped.

This is an awesome deal as you are saving 87% off the regular retail price. Act fast…..Guitar Hero on Tour Decades Bundle

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New 4 Piece Stylus Pen Set Multi Color for Nintendo DS Lite

New 4 Piece Stylus Pen Set Multi Color for Nintendo DS Lite, only $1.35 shipped, thats 90% off its regular retail price of $12.99!!!
100% Brand New 4 Piece Stylus Pen Set for Nintendo DSi. Easily snaps inside a convenient storage slot on the back of the Nintendo DSi system. Keep your screen free from scratches and fingerprints. Color: Pink, Aqua, Black, White. Nintendo DSi system not include.

  • NOTE: For Nintendo DS Lite ONLY, NOT compatible with Nintendo DS or Dsi. Don’t let the gaming stop because you don’t have a stylus.
  • It easily snaps inside a convenient storage slot on the back.
  • Mix and match your stylus with your mood.
  • Keep your screen free from scratches and fingerprints.

This item qualifies for free shipping via Amazon Prime.

New 4 Piece Stylus Pen Set Multi Color for Nintendo DS Lite

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Nintendo DS Games and Accessories….All under $10.00!!!!

Amazon is having great sales on Nintendo DS games and accessories and you can get them all for under $10.00 each. Christmas is around the corner and these make for great gifts and stocking stuffers for the gamers in your life.

SpongeBob’s Truth or Square $8.91

SpongeBob SquarePants has gotten himself into quite a predicament. After being entrusted by Mr. Krabs to keep the Krabby Patty formula safe, he is overcome with grief for losing the recipe. He then relies on the help of the most unlikely companion, Plankton, who wants the secret Krabby Patty recipe to himself. With the help of his friend, SpongeBob must use Plankton’s memory machine to retrace the happiest moments of his life to find the Krabby Patty formula in time for the Krusty Krab’s Eleventy Seventh anniversary.

  • New Wacky Morphing Abilities turn SpongeBob into a Sledgehammer Smash to whack intruders a WaterBob sponge to spew liquid and stun enemies or even an Explosive Canon to aim and blast baddies
  • Relive Side Splitting SpongeBob Moments Reminisce through fans of favorite SpongeBob moments as the game draws upon The 10 Happiest Moments of SpongeBobs Life and hilarious story elements from the animated television series
  • Share in the Hilarity with Family and Friends Play as SpongeBob or with a friend playing as Plankton throughout the entire game on both the Wii and Xbox 360 platforms
  • So many creeps so little time Battle against group flying immune spawn dark and morph creeps all with different skills to challenge the best of players
  • Customize your game Create your own addictive experience by drawing towers and designing unique unrelenting creeps using the innovative technology of the Nintendo DS stylus for a game experience of unending possibilities

ATV Thunder Ridge Riders and Monster Trucks Mayhem $6.07

A two-pack of racing games by Skyworks Technologies and Destination Software. Race ATVs and Monster Trucks across 3D tracks in both racing game titles.

  • Single Player
  • Put your skills to the test against others in a free-wheelin carnage of destruction and mayhem.

Atari’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2 $9.37

50 Classic Atari Games Now For DS

Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2, delivers 50 more iconic Atari games to the Nintendo DS. The compilation game simply gives you the best of Atari’s arcade and 2600 games. With 50 games on one cartridge and available multi-player and iconic favorites, the fun never ends. For those who love the classic gaming experience, this handheld breakthrough is sure to guarantee hours of fun on the go.

Games Included

  • Adventure
    • Return to Haunted House
    • Secret Quest
  • Action
    • Canyon Bomber (2 player support)
    • Circus Atari (2 player support)
    • Combat (2 player support)
    • Combat Two (2 player support)
    • Demons to Diamonds (2 player support)
    • Desert Falcon
    • Off-the-Wall
    • Radar Lock
  • Sports
    • Golf
    • Double Dunk (2 player support)
    • Realsports Basketball (2 player support)
    • Realsports Soccer (2 player support)
    • Super Baseball (2 player support)
    • Super Football (2 player support)
    • Video Olympics (4 player support)
  • Mind Games
    • A Game of Concentration
    • Backgammon
    • Basic Programming
    • Brain Games (2 player support)
    • Code Breaker
    • Maze Craze (2 player support)
    • Video Chess
  • Racing
    • Fatal Run
    • Night Driver
    • Steeplechase
    • Street Racer
  • Space
    • Quadrun
    • Sentinel
    • Space War
    • Star Raiders
    • Yar’s Revenge
  • Arcade
    • Asteroids Deluxe
    • Black Widow
    • Crystal Castles
    • Liberator
    • Major Havoc
    • Millipede
    • Red Baron
    • Super Breakout
    • Warlords (4 player support)
  • Arcade at Home
    • Breakout
    • Crystal Castles
    • Millipede
    • Super Breakout
    • Video Pinball
    • Warlords (4 player support)
  • Gambling
    • Black Jack (3 player support)
    • Casino (4 player support)

Color Cross $6.53

Color Cross is a challenging casual game which engages your cognitive skillsin a unique visual manner. Testing your problem-solving and coordinationabilities Color Cross requires a literal eye for color and numberssimultaneously.Color Cross is a challenging puzzle game where the goal is to uncover the hiddenpicture by applying the right color to the appropriate square. Utilizing the familiar ‘paint by numbers’ picture logic puzzle mechanic completing a grid will reveal a portion of a larger hidden image as well as unlocking increasingly difficult challenges. With over 150 individual grids to unlock Color Cross provides hours of brain-teasing game play that is colorful in more ways than one.Product Features Over 150 different puzzles! 10 different themed categories including: Fashion Science-Fiction Baby Pirate and MORE! Unveil a new exciting illustration in each category by completing and unlocking new puzzles! For all types of players from Beginner to Pro.

  • Over 150 different puzzles!
  • 10 different themed categories, including: Fashion, Science-Fiction, Baby, Pirate and MORE!
  • Unveil a new exciting illustration in each category by completing and unlocking new puzzles!
  • For all types of players from Beginner to Pro.

Farm Frenzy: Animal Country $8.29

Down on the farm the fun never stops as you milk the cows, feed the chickens, collect eggs and finally ship your goods to market. Spend the money you earn on new livestock or maybe a new barn or other buildings like a bakery to add to your farming empire. But keep an eye out for those nasty bears… they’ll destroy everything!

  • 19 different awards to win through gameplay and multiple goods to produce and more to buy in the city.
  • Classic Animal Simulation fun for Nintendo DS/DSi game systems.
  • Manage all types of farm animals, and add other animals like dogs, cats and even ostriches.
  • Construct 12 different buildings, all with multiple upgrades.
  • Watch out for four types of bears aiming to destroy your farm.

Retro Atari Classics (Asteroids, Missle Command, Centipede) $6.29

Retro Atari Games For DS, Original Style and Remix Modes, Asteroids, Senipede Missle Command Rated E

  • Features 10 classic Atari video games
  • Play in Classic or Remix Mode
  • Multiplayer games played across the dual Nintendo DS screens
  • Four-Player wireless Multi-Card play
  • Games Included – Centipede, Missile Command, Asteroids, Pong, Breakout, Sprint, Tempest, Warlords, Gravitar, Lunar Lander

Transformers: War for Cybertron $9.69

Experience the legendary battle between the Autobots and Decepticons before their exodus to Earth in the untold story of the civil war for their home planet, Cybertron. Two distinct and intertwined campaigns chronicle the Autobots heroism in the face of total annihilation and the Decepticons unquenchable thirst for power. Collect both SKUs to unlock all the Autobot and Decepticon characters. Play as your favorite Transformer characters in the war that spawned one of the most brutal conflicts of all time.

  • Battle as your favorite Transformers character in this 3rd person high action shooter
  • Change Form from Robot to Vehicle at any time – Instantly convert from robot to car, jet, tank or truck mode and attack your enemies from any angle
  • Nintendo Exclusive Features –
  • Unlock characters, 11 exclusive to the DS

Spore Hero Arena $9.30

Create your Spore hero and prepare fight to become the galactic champion. An arena style fighter, Spore Hero Arena allows players for the first time to build fully 3D Spore creatures on your Nintendo DS and take them into battle. In addition, you can explore planets all over the galaxy, fight creatures, and gather parts to customize and enhance your mighty hero. Join the fight and compete in a variety of arena battles against dangerous enemies in your quest to become the galactic champion and save the galaxy.

  • Play an original story, in the same galaxy as Spore Hero for Wii, traveling to a variety of planets, completing missions, and challenging opponents corrupted by an evil, to become the ultimate Spore Hero and save the galaxy.
  • Create your own Hero with over 150 parts and powers, now for the first time in 3D on the DS.
  • Fight dangerous enemies in arenas across the galaxy, from all – out 4 creature “Battle Royales”, to capture the crown “King of the Planet” challenges, and much more.
  • Summon over 15 devastating Bio-Power attacks, from lightning strikes to deadly ground stomps.
  • Brawl with your friends in 4 player wireless and 2 player Wi-Fi action.

CSI: Unsolved $9.60

Team up with the cast of CSI to solve Sin City’s murder mysteries. Explore brand-new, bizarre cases written by the writers of the acclaimed CSI TV series. Investigate the scene, collect evidence, question witnesses, and bring suspects to justice!

  • Eclusive to ypur Nintendo DS: Specifically designed with DS users in mind, CSI: Unsolved! makes the most of the DS Touch Screen for an improved pick-up-and-play experience.
  • Join forces with your favorite CSI characters from the hit CBS show, including Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) and the return of Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox).
  • Solve five different mysteries: Thanks to stylish visuals, heart-pounding interrogations, and unique touch gameplay, be prepared to feel like a real CSI in 5 different mysteries.
  • Toxicology screening, Bullets comparison, UV light for investigations and more!
  • Exclusive to Dsi users: Make use of the camera for exclusive lab and field work

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?$8.99

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is based on the wildly popular and Emmy-awarding winning TV game show of the same name that debuted in 1999 and has been in U.S. daily syndication since September 2002. “Is that your final answer?” has become a popular catch phrase in popular vocabulary. You take the hot seat in the all new Who Wants to be a Millionaire game. Win $1,000,000 by correctly answering 15 multiple choice questions, each worth an increasing amount of money. Just like on TV, players can seek help for the super stumper questions via lifelines like “Ask the Audience”, “Double Dip” or “Phone a Friend”. Can you stand the pressure, or will you walk away?

  • Challenge your own score in this intense brain challenge and complete various achievements to unlock new customization options for your avatar. With 3000 questions the game offers 20 plus hours of gameplay
  • For the first time ever, compete with your friends in Party Mode! Up to 4 players can play simultaneously
  • Create a fully customized avatar including body, hair, face, clothing and more! New customization options become available as you play the game.
  • Unlock bonus items as a reward for progress in the game.

DSi -18-In-1 Starter Kit $9.02

Includes Charging Dock, Carrying Case, USB SD Card Reader, Car Charger, Earbuds, Audio Splitter, 3 Screen Cleaners, 2 Sets of Screen Protectors, Carry All Tote Bag, 2 Styluses, 3 Game Cases & Wrist Strap.

Camp Rock Final Jam $7.40

Camp Rock: The Final Jam allows players to create their own customized avatar and join Mitchie, Shane and other Camp Rockers as they explore music camp and participate in a variety of activities as they prepare to compete against their rival Camp Star. Fans can jam to songs using the stylus to play guitar, bass, and drums and even get down with some hot dance moves inspired by the film.

  • Play through the story events of ?Camp Rock: The Final Jam?.
  • Rock out to songs from ?Camp Rock? and ?Camp Rock: The Final Jam? using the stylus to play guitar, bass and drums.
  • Solve puzzles and play mini-games to help Camp Rockers prepare for the Final Jam.
  • Get down with some cool dance moves inspired by the film.
  • Customize your avatar with clothing, accessories and make-up to wear around camp.

Sushi Go Round $9.61

Sushi Go Round puts you in charge of a Sushi Restaurant, and its your job to turn it into a successful enterprise and keep your customers happy! Your memory and skills will be pushed to their limits as you memorize recipes, prepare meals, order ingredients and expand your business in the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant. Keep the Sushi rolling!

  • Fun frantic and fast paced gameplay
  • Simple but addictive game mechanics & Intuitive controls
  • Keeping track of recipes, executing dishes rapidly, processing payment and keeping your customers happy creates a sense of achievement and pride
  • Innovative DSi feature support ? take photos of your friends and import them into the game so your friends become your customers
  • Bright and strong art style makes the game a joy to play

My Reading Tutor $6.93

My Reading Tutor is the award winning adaptation of the original Foundations to Literacy developed at the University of Colorado, Boulder to use technology to help children learn and enjoy enhancing their early reading skills. My Reading Tutor teaches the most important Phonics and Reading Concepts and reinforces each one of the them with a wide variety of educationally tested interactive games, quizzes, and sight word puzzles.

  • My Reading Tutor features 14 Completely Illustrated Story Books presented in an engaging interactive format. Children read at their own pace.
  • Young reader can call upon the Tutor for help whenever they choose.
  • Readers can record their own stories.
  • Players progress through an eight station reading adventure that continually adds more advanced concepts as well as reinforcing what they’ve already learned.
  • Parents can also easily see how things are progressing by simply checking into the Parent Mode to get an idea of their readers “time on task” and the goal of mastering each stations activities.

Grease $7.99

The Grease video game for Nintendo DS and DSi is a unique way for fans of the movie to sing and dance along with Danny Zuko, Sandy Olsson, The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds. Designed as a truly interactive handheld gaming experience, the game supports Story, Quickplay and Multiplayer modes (multi-cart and DSi download play). Additional features include 16 fan-favorite songs from the movie along with their real choreographed moves, DSi camera functionality to insert player images into the game and unlockable costumes for Danny and Sandy.

  • Learn all the lyrics to 16 of your favorite Grease songs
  • Compete in dance-offs around various locations at Rydell High
  • Unlock costumes for Danny and Sandy and use the Nintendo DSi camera to take a picture of yourself and see yourself in the game
  • Story, quickplay, multiplayer and DSi download play option
  • Learn the actual choreography to all your favorite routines in dance steps

Gummy Bears Mini Golf $8.97

Transport yourself to a wonderful fairy tale land full of color and cheer! Gummy Bears Mini Golf can be enjoyed by all ages. Collect achievements, purchase unique Gummy Bear merchandise, and customize nine unique holes for a personalized adventure! Come play in the fantastic world of Gummy Bears!
  • Fun, lovable, colorful party game.
  • Play with two player hotseat on DS.
  • Customize up to 9 holes using the Gummy Bear course customizer.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone $9.60

An international conspiracy has placed the UK’s most secretive bio-chemical project into deadly hands, and only Her Majesty’s most lethal agent, James Bond, can unravel the mystery. To navigate through layers of corruption, you, as Bond, will embark on a global chase that will have you battling on land, sea, and air through Athens, Istanbul, Monaco, and Bangkok. Nothing is what it seems as each adventure reveals a deeper and more sinister conspiracy. Engage in precise cover-based gunplay and tactical firefights, and speed your way through explosive adrenaline-fueled driving sequences. Become Bond as he engages in intense hand-to-hand combat and uses his environment to finish off enemies. Take the battle online in a 16-person multiplayer mode that requires skill, teamwork and strategy as you compete in matches that will have spies battling mercenaries. In the fight to prevent the world’s most dangerous weapon from falling into the wrong hands, you’ll need to be the ultimate secret agent.

  • Your 00 status has you battling through land, sea and air in exotic international locations such as Athens, Istanbul, Bangkok and Monaco
  • Hunt down your enemies over a wide variety of environments including city streets, rooftops, casinos, oil refineries, and dams
  • Become Bond using authentic combat maneuvers such as punches, kicks, grabs, throws and the environment to finish off enemies with a fighting style.
  • The UK’s biggest secret is about to fall into the wrong hands. Nothing is what it seems as you track an enemy who cannot be seen

Personal Fitness Women $5.80

Benefit from a high intensity workout no matter where you are at with Personal Fitness. Choose from pre-definied training schedules or build a unique custom workout as your personal fitness coach leads you through physical training and education. The training schedules tailored towards your fitness goals will help to ensure you reach and maintain your fitness goals. Specialized training schedules such as Six-Pack of Steel for the men and 30 Minutes for Beauty for the women are just a sample of what awaits you in your journey to good health.

  • 20 training schedules for players to choose from that appear in both Men and Women version
  • Womens version contains 30 additional training schedules not found in the Mens version, which focus on female-centric fitness.
  • Varying calculation of the calorie requirements in the men and women version due to gender related physiology differences
  • Nutrition plan that includes healthy recipes for all meals of the day.

DSi Crystal Case & Tray $4.48

T-Crystal Case & Tray for DSi! The mobile solution optimised to protect your DSi games console: 2 products in 1! Available at Press links More images Rigid and clear polycarbonate protection case: carry your DSi safely and play without removing your console from the case. Instant access to connectors and cameras without removing the games console from its protective case. Built-in tray: easily store 3 DS games and an additional stylus and take them with you everywhere!

  • Compatible with Nintendo DSi.
  • Rigid and clear polycarbonate protection case: carry your DSi safely and play without removing your console from the case.
  • Instant access to connectors and cameras without removing the games console from its protective case.
  • Built-in tray: easily store 3 DS games and an additional stylus and take them with you everywhere!

DSi Official Nintendo System Glove – Black $4.67

Protect your system with the Nintendo DSi System Glove. The protective silicone sleeve comes in fun and vibrant colors for a practical yet stylish solution. Available in Red, Pink, Teal, and Black. Officially licensed Nintendo product developed by POWER A. Nintendo DSi game system sold separately.

  • Sleek System Glove that protects your Nintendo DSi system!
  • Available in fun and vibrant colors including Red, Pink, Teal, and Black.
  • Officially licensed Nintendo product developed by POWER A.

Dreamgear Nintendo Dsi – Large Stylus Twin Pack $5.02

The Large Stylus Twin Pack provides you with ultimate control and precision while adding style and shine. The styluses work great with Nintendo DSi XL, but also work for any stylus compatible device. The styluses come with 2 wrist straps for optimal portability and organization.

  • Large design and rubberized grip for increased comfort
  • Adds precision to gaming
  • The 2 included wrist straps are compatible with styluses and handheld
  • Works with Nintendo DSi XL and other stylus compatible devices

Dreamer Series: Puppy Trainer $8.20

Make your dreams come true! Welcome to your very own puppy farm! Take care of your new four-legged guests by providing them with food, water and shelter and then get to know the dogs by playing with them. The better you carry out your tasks and run the business, the more popular your puppy farm will be! An incredible simulation that not only allows you to interact with dogs, but run your very own business too! Numerous dogs and breeds to feed, clean, groom and play with! Provide the perfect home for your new friends and your business will continue to grow!

  • An incredible simulation that not only allows you to interact with dogs, but run your very own business too!
  • Numerous dogs and breeds to feed, clean, groom and play with!
  • Provide the perfect home for your new friends and your business will continue to grow!

Photo Phantasy $8.25

Spot the difference in lands of mystery and enchantment in Ploto Fantasy. Adventure into three dream-inspired stories as you discover differences and conquer each visually stunning level. Embark upon the stories of Dreams, Goldilocks and Robin Hood, and spot the differences before time runs out!

Three games in one: Dreams, Robin Hood, and Goldilocks

Indianapolis 500 $9.96

Careen around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a hand-built 1960s speed machine that hits speeds of nearly 180 mph and rides only 7 inches off the ground.

  • Pit lane mini-games base on actual pit stop activities
  • Use the stylus to change tires and fill the gas tank
  • Experience open-cockpit racing of legendary eras
  • 1-4 players in a variety of play modes

DS Lite/DSi Club Penguin Case $7.91

This sturdy zippered case features authentic EPF design elements. Its compact and convenient design stores the Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi Console as well as 3 Nintendo DS Game Cards and a replacement stylus. Custom metal zipper pulls put the final touches on the perfect case for the Club Penguin fan.

Crazy Chicken – Atlantis Quest $9.40

Product InformationCrazy Chicken’s thirst for adventure and thrill of treasure hunting now takes our feathered hero on a journey under the sea in search of the lost kingdom of Atlantis. The citizens of Atlantis are determined to protect it at all costs. Battle monks and guards get chased by mummies and dodge the octopuses as you travel through the sunken lost kingdom in your quest to find the legendary treasure!Product FeaturesOver 30 levels of new dangers and challenges that lie in wait both under and over the sea!Battle against extraordinary opponents and almighty gods! Addictive gameplaySuperb 3D graphics and hundreds of bonus points to collect.

  • Over 30 levels of new dangers and challenges that lie in wait both under and over the sea!
  • Battle against extraordinary opponents and almighty gods!
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Superb 3D graphics
  • Hundreds of bonus points to collect

DSi Dual Dock $7.61

The Dual Dock provides an all-in-one solution for charging your DSi and DS Lite. The Dual Dock allows you to charge your DSi or DS Lite separately or at the same time. The Dual Dock features a compact design, custom glowing base, LED charge indicators and is powered by a DSi or DS Lite compatible AC adapter.

  • all-in-one solution for charging the Dsi
  • Compatible with Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite
  • features a compact design, custom glowing base
  • LED charge indicatiors
  • powered by a Dsi or DS Lite compatible AC adapter

Interactive Storybook Series 3 $9.03

Featuring the following stories: The Golden Axe and the Silver Axe, The Old Man Cherry Blossom, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats and A Dog of Flanders. Your kids may never want to put this title down once they start playing, and for once, you will be okay with that! By bringing together several timeless classics and putting an innovative interactive twist on them, young children will expand their minds and imaginations, as the stories come to life like never before. Utilizing the unique features of the Nintendo DS, along with several fun and educational mini-games that are linked to the stories, and you got yourself a gift that will lead your loved ones on a path to learning!

  • These Classic Stories offer humor, fun and a moral message that any parent of any culture or generation would appreciate. All included stories are timeless and will continued to be passed on from generation after generation, albeit with a positive twist.
  • Interaction: Every page of these stories contain interactive elements that fully utilize the power of the Nintendo DS, bringing still animations to life.
  • Reading-Out-Loud: Every story is read out loud by a professional voice over actress, allowing the parent and child more time to interact with one another.
  • There are several mini-games within this title that links to the stories. Each game has a lasting appeal, and an educational touch – meaning every moment spent will not be a moment wasted.
  • Also, included is a coloring book, musical instrument with recording ability, a numbers counting game and a free-form drawing book.

DS Lite Official Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Hard Cover – Fire Pokemon $6.92

Protects the surface of the Nintendo DS Lite

  • Compatible with Nintendo DS Lite only (no DSi)
  • High quality material protects against dust and scratches
  • Customize your Ds Lite, Front Cover Only
  • Officially Licensed Item by Jupiter
  • Not Sold in the US!

Dsi AC Adapter Home Charger $4.25

Replace your broken or lost AC adapter with the Nintendo Dsi AC Adapter. Featuring Auto Voltage input from AC 100-240V, you can now use it virtually anywhere to charge your Dsi system.
  • Replacement AC Adapter
  • Auto voltage input, works worldwide

Underground Pool $9.40

In Hardcore Pool, you’ll chalk up your cue and take to the tables in the ultimate 8 and 9-Ball Pool game for the Nintendo DS. Real world physics mean the table plays true — so you’ll have to be at your best. Take on 16 opponents across 8 of the toughest pool clubs around. Test yourself in 8 and 9-ball gameplay, in 8 unique pool halls. Support for 4-person multiplayer. 8 unique pool halls Up to 4 player multiplayer.

  • 8-Ball and 9-Ball gamplay matching official rules
  • Dual screen and intuitive stylus gameplay
  • Dynamic, advanced real-world physics
  • Stunning graphics put you right at the table
  • 16 in-game opponents

DSi Bag $7.87

Thrustmaster T-Bag DSi ¿Only for Boys¿ The cool outdoor Urban “street” bag! Carry bag pack made of “parachute fabric” material. High-quality carry bag with cross-over shoulder strap, secure attachment rings and metal zipper. Features: Compartment with fastener strap (to play without removing the console from the bag) and removable separator for multiple uses (other portable console, digital camera), 4 gaming* pockets, 1 stylus* holder, 1 adjustable cross-over shoulder strap, 1 compartment for storing accessories such as chargers* or earphones* (* and console not included).

  • Compatible with Nintendo DSi only
  • Carry bag pack made of “parachute fabric” material
  • High-quality carry bag with cross-over shoulder strap, secure attachment rings and metal zipper
  • DSi Compartment with fastener strap and removable separator for multiple uses
  • Multiple pockets for games, stylus and accessories

Dsi Bass Earphone with Adjustable Microphone $7.91

The Dsi Microphone and Stereo bass earphones lets you talk to other player through Wi-Fi enabled Dsi console or record your own voice in noisy environments. Featuring 24K gold electroplate plugs and volume control, the Nintendo Dsi microphone and Stereo bass earphones eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency noise, leaving you with greater sonic accuracy and a more detailed, natural sound, and you can adjust the volume as needed without disturbing others. The included silicon seal gels gives players exceptional comfort during extended gameplay.

  • Compatible with Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite
  • Bass booster provides powerful bass sound
  • 24K gold electroplate plugs eliminate electomagnetic and radio frequency noise
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Mouth piece allows you to talk to others or record your own voice in noisy environments

KONNET Nintendo DSi SoftJAC Accessory / Protection 5-in-1 Pack with Neoprene case, Wrist Strap, Protection Films, Screen Wipe and Stylus $2.72

The KONNET SoftJac is a stylish neoprene case and kit which is the perfect match with Nintendo DSi gaming system. The case contains all the essential items needed to provide protection for your DSi: Neoprene Case with wrist strap (x1), Anti-scratch Screen protection film (up & down) (x1 each), Screen wipe (x1), stylus (x1) Play hard while protecting your DSi. The Konnet Stylish Neoprene Case has you covered.

  • Perfect protection and storage bag for your NDSi
  • High-quality and self-adhering clear protection film
  • Clear and Ultra-Thin protection film
  • Protects your NDSi against dirt, dust and minor cosmetic scratches from everyday use
  • Neoprene Case with wrist strap x1, Anti-scratch Screen protection film (up & down x1 each), Screen wipe x1, stylus x1

Nintendo DS Lite Klassy Klutch $8.27

Female Fashion designed to carry your DS.

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Nintendo compliant for game system safety
  • Features full zipper for maximum protection

Nintendo DS invisibleSHIELD (Screen) $7.75

Your search for a(n) Nintendo DS case, skin, or cover is now over. ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD is an exceptionally clear and virtually indestructible film that will protect your DS from unsightly scratches. Our exclusive, patented film – with nano-memory technology – covers and shields your device, keeping it as pristine as the day you took it out of the box. The precision pre-cut invisibleSHIELD applies directly to your DS, providing the toughest, most durable protection you will find. The invisibleSHIELD has its origins in the military, where it was used to protect high-speed helicopter blades from dust, dirt and debris. Now you can use that same powerful technology to protect your DS. The invisibleSHIELD is only .2 millimeters thick making it the slimmest DS skin or DS cover of its kind. It is so tough that we back it with a lifetime guarantee. So, if it ever does wear or scratch, we will replace it for free, for the life of your device. And if you ever need to remove the invisibleSHIELD, no problem; it comes off clean and leaves no sticky residue. If you’re still not convinced, check out our demo video and see for yourself how strong ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD really is.

  • Scratch-Proof Patented Film – Military Grade
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • No added bulk – Improves grip
  • Invisible protection
  • Easy to remove – leaving no sticky residue

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TOYS R US  is having great sales this week on Crayola products. The following is a quick list of the best deals this week.


  • Buy 1 Get 2 Free All Crayola Markers
  • Buy  Get 2 Free All Crayola Crayons
  • Buy 1 Get 50% off All DS, 3DS and Wii games
  • Free Lunch Kit ($9.99 or less) when you purchase a backpack ($12.99 or greater)
  • Free $25.0 TRU Giftcard when you purchase a Nintendo DSi ($149.99) or DSi EL ($169.99)
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  • 25% off All Leapfrog Toys
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