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Bloggers sign up
Come and join us on this great giveaway.
We are giving away an iPad with Retina display 32GB color white
 value $599.00
We will have a max. of 200 bloggers for sign up, it will be a big giveaway.
The RC is not long because each co-host has there own RC with their links.
Here are the details to sign up:
-Free Link (Twitter or Pinterest)  CLOSED
The first 50 bloggers to sign up will get a link free with announcement. 
Announcement is require or you have to pay a waver fee of $5.00
(Please read the sign up form on the top to know if we still have free space available)
-Link/ or extra links $4.00 each (if the free spots are gone, to be part of this giveaway you will need to pay $4.00 for each link you want on the giveaway)
Announcement is require or you have to pay a waver fee of $5.00.
-Co-Host $20.00
The co-host get 2 host page.  
10 links on the RC.
No announcement require.
Please send payment to as a gift.


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Make Money From Home Using Swag Bucks

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Search & WinYou have probably seen various posts in different locations announcing a Swagbucks award and asked yourself what is this Swagbucks? Swagbucks is a online search engine that awards you for performing searches and other tasks on their site. These Swagbucks can be cashed in, yes I said cashed in, for gift cards, prizes, contest entries and even cash through Paypal. The more you search, the bigger your chances of winning Swagbucks for your searches, which have been as much as 1000 Swagbucks per search. Right now, the best deal available are the Amazon Gift Cards. They cost 450 Swagbucks for a $5.00 gift card. These gift cards add up, as you can accumulate them and use them at the end or throughout the year for your Christmas shopping.

You can maximize your daily earnings by performing simple tasks that eventually will become second nature to you as time goes on. First go over to Swabucks and sign up. You will get a sign up bonus of up to 80 Swagbucks. Next, download the toolbar so you can do your searches easier and also set the Swagbucks search page as your homepage. Now you are ready to start “swaggin”.

Everyday your will receive 1 Swagbuck for having the toolbar installed. Next, go on over to the Swagbucks homepage click on the Earn tab and go to the Daily Poll. Answering this question will give you 2 Swagbucks for every poll answered. Next, head on to the NOSO, which stands for No Obligation Special Offers. Follow the path, clicking skip until you get an entry form for a question. Enter the requested phrase, which is usually in italics or at the end of the ad and you will get 2 Swagbucks. Lastly, go to the Trusted Surveys tab and click it. Just for clicking it you will receive 1 Swagbuck. That’s 5 Swagbucks in less than 5 minutes that you can get everyday. I perform these tasks everyday as soon as I sit at my computer while I drink my morning coffee.

Next, perform all searches in the Swagbucks search engine, either on their page or from your toolbar. I perform all my searches from my toolbar even for my bookmarked items. By using the search engine to perform daily tasks, like reading my email can translate to Swagbucks. I do not access my email server, AOL, from my bookmarks. I simply enter AOL Mail in the search engine and access my mailbox through their. In a week I can receive more than 100 Swagbucks just for wanting to read my mail. I don’t stop their, I access all my web pages through the search engine. In a week, I can garner more than 1000 Swagbucks from all my searches throughout the week.

Swagbucks also offers coupons for print. These are the same coupons that you will find at sites like,, and The only difference is that you get Swagbucks for using the coupons. It takes about 8 weeks for Swagbucks to credit your account, but for every coupon used you will receive 10 Swagbucks. I usually go to Swagbucks first before I print coupons from any of the other sites. This ensures that I will receive double for my coupon, as the Swagbucks will eventually turn into money once its credited into my account.

These are the most frequent methods I use to earn Swagbucks. Their are also trusted surveys that you can take on their site that can award you large denominations of Swagbucks. These surveys are tailored to your interests and are constantly changing, so its a good idea to check every day to see if their are any new surveys for which you might qualify. Swagbucks TV, is exactly what it says, a video portal just like YouTube. It is Swagbucks portal for watching many videos in a wide range of topics. For every 10 videos you watch, you get 3 Swagbucks. You do not have to watch the entire video either, the meter that measures your track increases after about 45 seconds of the video. Once your meter goes up, you can click on another video and continue doing this until you earn your Swagbucks. There are also videos found in the Special Offers tab. Their are many free and fee required offers that offer Swagbucks for your participation. For some you must qualify first but the benefits can be huge. Patrolling the Swagbucks Blog, the Swagbucks Twitter Feed and the Swagbucks Facebook page is also essential as the administrators issue random codes and trivia/scavenger hunts for Swagbucks, which can also be high denomination of 100 or more. Posting regularly on their Twitter feed and Facebook page as you participate in the daily discussions can also be beneficial as the administrators randomly give 100 Swagbucks for commenting and participating. Swagbucks also has games you can play which also earn you Swagbucks. The games are either free or fee required, but you can earn the same amount from either version. Obviously when I play those games I pick the free version. 😆

Getting paid to conduct the same searches I was doing anyways was a no brainer. I signed up immediately and started “swaggin”. I have already been able to pad my Amazon account with more than enough to buy Christmas presents for all on my Christmas list. Its never too early to start thinking about Christmas, especially when you can get all the gifts for FREE!!!

What are you waiting for, head on over to Swagbucks, sign up and start “swaggin”.



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