Pictureka only $1.00 @ Toys R Us….Last day Saturday

picturekaIf you have not done so yet, hurry and pick up Pictureka at Toys R Us for only $1.00. This game is usually priced at $19.99, so its a savings of 99%!!! This deal is only available in-store so make sure you get yours before they run out.

**Side note: I was at Toys R Us earlier this week and the mess and disorganization is incredible. My monkey ass was not leaving he store until I had the games I needed for my girls, so I climbed the shelves. Their I found boxes of all the “sold out” items that were never stocked on the shelves still in shrink wrap. Make sure check everything and don’t forget to look in the carts for items not purchased at the register. I found lots of stuff their too that also was “allegedly” sold out.


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