Pudgie’s Original Skinless Fried Chicken 20-Piece Meal or $7 for $15 Worth of Food and Drink at Pudgie’s Famous Chicken in Bay Ridge

Eating out eschews the manual labor associated with cooking, such as rinsing fruits and vegetables and removing the inedible pits from meatballs after skinning them. Kick back and relax with this Groupon.

Choose Between Two Options

  • $18 for Pudgie’s Original Skinless Fried Chicken 20-piece box, including three large sides and 10 dinner rolls (a $39.99 value)
  • $7 for $15 worth of chicken, burgers, sides, drinks, and more

Pudgie’s Original Skinless Fried Chicken starts at $12.49, a three-piece combo is $6.99, buffalo wings start at $3.99, Nathan’s Famous hamburgers are $2.99, and chili dogs are $3.69.

Pudgie’s Famous Chicken

Pudgie’s Famous Chicken’s cooks boast a wide-ranging menu of poultry-anchored meals. Their signature Pudgie’s Original Skinless Fried Chicken dish is crafted from fresh halal-certified chicken that arrives in an 8-, 12-, 16-, or 20-piece batch of wings and thighs flanked by sides such as coleslaw, onion rings, and mac ‘n’ cheese. A healthier alternative to traditional fried chicken, Pudgie’s skinless chicken contains zero grams of trans fat and less fat and cholesterol than its counterpart. Standard buffalo wings and their boneless alter egos are dressed in various sauces, such as Teriyaki, Thai Chili, or Cajun Barbecue, and poultry alternatives include Nathan’s Famous burgers and hot dogs as well as Arthur Treacher’s fish and chips. The restaurant also serves large groups, catering special events such as birthday parties and Lord of the Rings extras reunions.

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