Our Visit to Harry Potter: The Exhibit

A couple if weekends ago, the girls and I went to “Harry Potter: The Exhibit” at Discovery Times Square. This was a great experience from beginning to end. The museum does need more outside advertisement because it was not noticeable and we had to ask for help once we arrived at 44th Street. Since you are not allowed to take pictures (this sucks), they have a setup at the start of the tour where you pic your house and take a picture in front of a green screen. At the picture stand, they offer these handheld players that provide you with little insights on the exhibit depending on the numerical code you enter and are posted throughout the exhibit.

Ginny proceeded to line up us “first years” and our journey began. The exhibit was beautiful and everything on display are all the original items used in the movies! Kids get sorted into houses with the Sorting Hat. The girls were looking around making sure no one was talking for the hat. They got sorted into Gryffindor and we continued walking through the exhibit. The movie props are amazing and the robes are spectacular. The movies do not do them justice. I loved the blue ones Professor Lockheart used in the Chamber of Secrets, but the best one was Hermione’s purple dress used for the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire. I wanted the dress for myself, and a few of the robes too, because the exhibit does make you feel as if you are in the movies, whether you are standing in Hagrid’s Hut or by the boys’ beds. Everything feels magical that by the end of the tour you feel as if you can swish and flick a perfect wingardium leviosa spell!

We had a blast, and you will get your money’s worth in regards to the tour. I found that little player thingy a waste of money because what they had to say was boring and I was such a child running from one display to the next, that I didn’t have time to input the codes and stand their until the recording was finished. The gift shop almost killed me with those prices. I would have liked to have purchased some souvenirs but not at those prices. The entry ticket to the exhibit cost less than most of the items, including the generic wands. I can get the same items on Amazon for loads cheaper. You are going to want to get the pictures you took at the beginning of the tour and they will get you with the prices their too. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves and the exhibit has peaked our curiosity in wanting to go to the Florida and London locations of Harry Potter world. Hopefully, I will find souvenirs that cost less than the entry ticket.