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How’s is everyone doing in light of the storm? How are your preparations coming along. Since I have been stockpiling for some time now, my preparations are very minimal. When I first began to stockpile, my mom was wondering where were we going to store all that food. I prepared a pantry in my laundry as to keep everything out of sight. I received jeers for looking “retarded” with all that stored food and household items.

How foolish do I look now??? I have everything I need for the hurricane and I have to buy is milk and bread. How sweet is that, while everyone else is doing big shopping trips expecting the worse, I’m in the express checkout lane with less than 10 items!!! Having a stockpile enables you to be prepared when you least expect it as well as cutting down on your grocery bill. The benefits of having a stockpile are numerous, so why don’t you start your stockpile today. I did, and now I can relax with the kiddies while we await the arrival of Irene.


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