$16 for a Two-Pack of JustMe by MeMoi Fleece Tights ($36 List Price). Multiple Colors and Styles Available. Free Shipping.

These fleece tights with an elastic waistband sheathe lower halves in a comfy yet practical combination of polyester and spandex. Though the tights’ heat-resistant and sweat-wicking design ensures your gams won’t overheat, they’re still perfect for warming you up on cold days or during cryogenic freezing spells.

  • Fleece-lined tights designed for warmth
  • Appropriate for the office or casualwear
  • Heat-resistant and sweat-wicking construction maximizes comfort
  • Elastic waistband won’t snap when hulking out
  • 92% polyester, 8% spandex

The Deal

$16 for a two-pack of JustMe by MeMoi fleece-lined tights ($36 list price)

  • Available colors: black or chocolate

$16 for a two-pack of JustMe by MeMoi footless fleece-lined tights ($36 list price)

  • Available colors: berry, black, chocolate, eggplant, or stormy skies

All tights are available in S/M or M/L.

Free shipping.

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$99 for an Invicta Women’s or Unisex Ceramic Watch (Up to $1,495 List Price). Free Shipping. Multiple Styles Available.

Invicta’s traditional, Alias, and Russian Diver ceramic watches transform classical timepieces by elevating timeless simplicity with the industry’s latest design elements. Shimmering metallic hands tick across Arabic numerals, with certain styles accented by flourishes such as white diamonds or skeletonized dials. The traditional and Russian Diver models survive dips in up to 165 feet of water, and the Alias watch can withstand depths of up to 330 feet or as deep as the ocean ever gets.

  • Women’s and unisex watches forged from stylish, durable ceramic
  • Traditional model with checkerboard pattern bracelet
  • Water resistant at up to 165 feet (traditional and Russian diver models) or 330 feet (Alias models and most humpback whales)
  • Russian Diver watch features a skeletonized dial
  • Design flourishes such as shimmering metallic hands and diamond accents
  • Made in China

The Deal

$99 for an Invicta ceramic watch. Choose from the following styles and colors:

  • 1182 unisex black ceramic watch with a black dial ($995 list price)
  • 1158 women’s white watch with a white dial and checkerboard bracelet ($995 list price)
  • 1160 women’s brown watch with a black dial ($995 list price)
  • 10274 women’s white Alias watch with multicolored numbers on the dial ($1,395 list price)
  • 10275 women’s white Alias watch with an orange dial ($1,395 list price)
  • 1896 women’s white Russian Diver watch with a silver dial ($1,495 list price)
  • 1897 women’s white Russian Diver watch with a gold-and-silver dial ($1,495 list price)
  • 1900 women’s white Russian Diver watch with a black-and-silver dial ($1,495 list price)

Free shipping.

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Turtle Cuddlee Pet only $7.99

These are awesome, my girls have them and its a constant fight on who gets to use which one. They are soooo soft that they invite a nap at anytime of the day! It’s a pillow and a cute stuffed animal in one! Perfect for naptime, movie nights or long car rides! Get in on the craze! Now’s your chance to get these at a steal of a price!

MSRP: 19.99


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